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Quotes from The Night of the Solstice

The Night of the Solstice

on 05 August 2011. Posted in Quotes from Books

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The Night of the Solstice

“Will you help me?  Will you lift a hand to save yourselves from slavery and destruction?  Or will you sit here quietly and await your doom?”  (the vixen, p. 23)

“I suppose you children have been taught to disbelieve in magic. . .Of course you have.  And rightly so.  Because there is no magic—or precious little of it—in this world anymore.  But that doesn’t mean there never was.”  (the vixen, p. 24)

“Elwyn Silverhair, her [Morgana’s] half sister.  Elwyn, queen of the fairies.  Elwyn the scatterbrained, light-minded, fickle-hearted, irresponsible, nincompoop!  If you find one nice thing to say about her I’ll turn vegetarian!”  (the vixen, p. 29)

“Tie her to a chair!"  said Janie “If she’s such a hot sorceress why can’t she free herself?”
“Why can’t you hammer nails into a board with your elbow?”  countered the vixen. (p.34)

“Us!” cried Claudia excitedly.
“Yes, you!  Why do you think I’ve wasted all this time recounting the history of the Wildfolk?  For my own amusement?  I need help and you four have able bodies and fair-to-middling minds.  Or so I thought.”  (the vixen, p. 35)

“I’ve got only one thing to say,” said Alys.  “And it’s this.  If you don’t lay off Claudia at once and forevermore I am going to knock your head off.”  (p.62)

“You are responsible for what will happen to you next, you are the creator of your own future.  And you are what you are. . . because you have chosen to be."  (Arien, p. 192)

Alys: “I just can’t take the responsibility any longer.  I just can’t take it!”
Arein: “Where, then, will you leave it?”  (p. 192)

“Making mistakes doesn’t mean you’re a failure, does it?  It only means you’re trying.  And there are some things you just can’t turn your back on.”  “You can, but that won’t make them go away.  And you’ve got to turn around again sometime.”  (Alys p.196-197)

“But you came into these stinking woods of your own will,” she pointed out reasonably.  “You might as well enjoy them.”  (Elwyn p. 202)

Charles: “How old are you, anyway?”
Elwyn: “Old?  Oh, I’m old. I’ve no idea, really.  Why, do you think it matters?” (p. 204)

“But have no fear, he has been vanquished and is now an extremely handsome specimen of modern art.  I plan to turn him sideways and hang him over the sofa.” (Morgana in reference to Cadal Forge, p. 304)

“Elwyn, if you disturb me before dawn I promise I will turn you into a train of thought and lose you.”  (Morgana p. 307)

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